Our standard offering

Our training courses are given by expert trainers who have several years technical experience. All of our training courses are thus based on concrete examples found when working on site

Inter-company face-to-face training

Inter-company training sessions bring together participants from different companies and take place in our training centers. In order to give you more flexibility, we offer intercompany training courses with pre-registration only. You can pre-register online or contact our training centre: As soon as the minimum number of pre-registrations has been reached, we will do our best to offer you a date
as soon as possible. In this way, our schedule remains flexible to better adapt to your needs!

Inter-company training session rates CVO-EUROPE



Off-the-shelf e-learning modules

Our standard e-learning training offer consists of about ten modules called “off-the-shelf” modules. These short and “turnkey” distance learning courses allow you to acquire knowledge in total autonomy, at your own pace and in a fun way.


We offer two purchase methods:

  • Per access for a given period of time (discounted rates for more than 10 accesses)
  • Purchase of the module for an unlimited duration and number of accesses. The module then becomes the property of the customer. An optional annual subscription is available for updates