CVO-EUROPE : one of the top rated companies in Lyon !

CVO-EUROPE is one of the top 5 rated Lyon's company according to Viadeo  


CVO-EUROPE is a company loved by its employees ! This is highlighted by a Cadremploi article published on June 21st about the company’s e-reputation, which is specialized in regulatory compliance in the life sciences sector. According to the social network Viadeo’s ranking, CVO-Europe is one of the 5 top rated companies from Lyon, with a 4/5 global rate, 80% of its employees recommend the company, and  89% of them have a positive opinion of the company. One of the biggest strength highlighted by CVO-EUROPE’s employees ? Internal training ! CVO-EUROPE invests each year 7% of its payroll in internal training, especially through a training center which contributes to skills and employees development. Powerful drivers of its french and international growth, CVO-EUROPE has two important assets : its expertise on this sector since 1995, and its HR policy in order to give to its employees a stimulating and fulfilling workplace. We would like to thanks a lot all of our employees, all engaged into the growth and the influence of the company, without whom CVO-Europe could not reach such a great rate !