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Welcome to the team! February 2020

Integration days checked for Kevin, Mathieu, Benoît, Xavier, Lidwine, Maxime, Luisa, Ahlem, Marion, Yasmine, Nestor, Kevin, Soumaya!

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Expert’s Point of View: validation of a medical solution

Larry is a validation consultant engineer working at the CVO-EUROPE’s Geneva office since 2018. He is now in charge of computerized system validation in medical devices companies.

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#WEARECVO : Xiaomeng, consultant at CVO-EUROPE

Xiaomeng has been a consultant at CVO-EUROPE since november 2018, for the Swiss agency. Discover her journey:

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Welcome to the team! January 2020

Integration days checked for Missipsa, Tasnim, Rym Manel, Philippe, Rudy, Emmanuelle, Alexandre, Armida, Marion, Sana, Younesse!

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Nos nouveaux consultants à leur session d'intégration CVO-EUROPE
Welcome to the team! October 2019

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Session d'intégration des consultants CVO-EUROPE en Avril
Welcome to the team! (April 2019)

Integration days checked for Bakary, Joséphine, Maelle, Hervé, Pierre, Sabrina, Benoit, Clémence, Anne Sophie, Thuy Linh, Christophe, Mercédès, Camille, Lynda, Sonia, Delphine, and Maureen!

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Remise des diplômes de la promotion Biosciences 2016-2018 de l'INSA de Lyon
Graduation ceremony for the 2016-2018 Biosciences class of INSA Lyon

On Saturday, March, the 16th, the graduation ceremony of the 57th Biosciences class (2016-2018) of INSA Lyon took place, with CVO-EUROPE as mentor.

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Interview of recruiting manager Nancy Sommer - CVO-EUROPE
WE ARE CVO : Nancy, recruiting manager for Basel office

Nancy Sommer is our recruiting manager for our Basel Agency. She is German, and she has a good knowledge of both life sciences companies and human ressources. Discover her interview :

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A3P Bbioproduction day geneva CVO-EUROPE
CVO-EUROPE will be at the A3P Bioproduction Day

On February the 5th, CVO-EUROPE will be at the A3P Bioproduction day : Optimizing time to Clinics, in Geneva.

CVO-EUROPE certifié Excellence 2019 par BPI France
CVO-EUROPE is certified “Excellence 2019” by BPI France

For the 4th year in a row, CVO-EUROPE is certified “Excellence 2019” by BPI France, for its exceptional growth.
Since 2016, CVO-EUROPE is a member or BPI France’s network, which is composed of several thousand companies with a common point : promising growth expectations and exceptional company paths.

Welcome to the team! (November 2018)

Integration days checked for Arnaud, Elisa, Mélodie, David, Johan, Matthieu, Raphael, Sébastien, Claire, Said, Laurena!

6 qualities for being a top consultant in Life Sciences
The top 6 qualities to become a CVO-Europe consultant!

Becoming a consultant? Why not?! At CVO-Europe, you will have the opportunity to discover every aspect of your job, working on various and  rewarding missions for our clients.

CVO-EUROPE : one of the top rated companies in Lyon !

CVO-EUROPE is a company loved by its employees ! This is highlighted by a Cadremploi article published on June 21st about the company’s e-reputation, which is specialized in regulatory compliance in the life sciences sector.

Welcome to the team! (07/18)

Integration days checked for Moussa, Christophe, Clémence, Cyntia, Laurent, Anne Laure, Lionnel, Marion, Hugues, Audrey, Stéphane, Johanne! Welcome to the team!

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