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CVO-EUROPE certifié Excellence 2019 par BPI France
CVO-EUROPE is certified „Excellence 2019“ by BPI France

For the 4th year in a row, CVO-EUROPE is certified „Excellence 2019“ by BPI France, for its exceptional growth.
Since 2016, CVO-EUROPE is a member or BPI France’s network, which is composed of several thousand companies with a common point : promising growth expectations and exceptional company paths.

6 qualities for being a top consultant in Life Sciences
The top 6 qualities to become a CVO-Europe consultant!

Becoming a consultant? Why not?! At CVO-Europe, you will have the opportunity to discover every aspect of your job, working on various and  rewarding missions for our clients.

Data Integrity

Controlling GxP data is vital to ensure that the data obtained in GXP is complete, coherent and precise whilst also providing a guarantee for decision making by pharmaceutical laboratories and competent authorities.

This a basic principle of Gxp Regulatory compliance and making current news everywhere in the world. So, why are competent authorities worried?

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