Our Audit Center

Our audit catalog

Since 1995, CVO-EUROPE has conducted over 2,000 audits in Europe, North Africa, South America, Asia, the United States and India.

Our certified and highly qualified Auditors have at least 10 years’ experience in their field of expertise.

Data Integrity audits
Clinical audits
Preclinical audits
Regulatory Affairs Audits
Suppliers Regulatory Audits
Assessment Audits
Systems Supplier Audits
Quality Systems Audits
Mock Inspections

Advantages of CVO-EUROPE audits

Efficiency, Reliability, Reactivity

A structure that is 100% dedicated to audits

The CVO-EUROPE Audit Center enables clients to centralize audit requests so as to:

  • Meet the needs of our clients in a more reactive way
  • Enable clients and auditors to get into contact quickly
  • Have one contact person
  • Have a better vision of auditing
  • Ensure consistency with regards prices
  • Optimize and capitalize on know-how.


EDC Concept: Efficiency, Lead Time and Cost

Guaranteed efficiency for our audits

Our aim is to provide auditing services that are adapted to suit not only the sponsors’ needs but also the entities audited. This is what makes us a leader in auditing in the Life Sciences Industry.

Our vision of auditing is based on the efficiency, lead time and cost trio.


CVO-EUROPE Audits added value

  • Audits dedicated to life sciences,
  • Aligned with technical and regulatory requirements that are constantly changing,
  • A team of expert auditors (at least 10 years in the fields that they audit) in-house certified by a strict program based on ISO 19011 requirements,
  • Service with high added value, aligned with our regulatory GxpManager monitoring, which meets standard requirements.