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CVO-EUROPE is now an Ubicuity premium partner

CVO-EUROPE is one of the very first companies to join the ambitious Ubicuity program. Launched by the company Bic, the program allows the recycling of all used writing material (pens, white-outs, markers,  etc.) to transform them into outdoor furniture: benches, planters, standing tables, etc.

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Solidarity with Lebanon: CVO-EUROPE and GxpManager get involved

Following the devastating explosions which took place in the port of Beirut on August 4th, we would like to express our grief and our support to the Lebanese people.

We are wholeheartedly with the Lebanese people who have been affected by a terrible tragedy. Touched by this event, the CVO-EUROPE group is committed to help the victims.

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Welcome to the team! February 2020

Integration days checked for Kevin, Mathieu, Benoît, Xavier, Lidwine, Maxime, Luisa, Ahlem, Marion, Yasmine, Nestor, Kevin, Soumaya!

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Expert’s Point of View: validation of a medical solution

Larry is a validation consultant engineer working at the CVO-EUROPE’s Geneva office since 2018. He is now in charge of computerized system validation in medical devices companies.

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#WEARECVO : Xiaomeng, consultant at CVO-EUROPE

Xiaomeng has been a consultant at CVO-EUROPE since november 2018, for the Swiss agency. Discover her journey:

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Welcome to the team! January 2020

Integration days checked for Missipsa, Tasnim, Rym Manel, Philippe, Rudy, Emmanuelle, Alexandre, Armida, Marion, Sana, Younesse!

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integration days for CVO-EUROPE consultants December 2019
Welcome to the team! December 2019

Integration days checked for Julien, Alice, Marion, Yanni, Amandine and Boris!

Welcome to the team!

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